Welcome to Wind Electric Company

Welcome to the World of LOW Wind Power
Our Small Wind Residential Generators are rated to produce 2kWh to 4kWh in a 24 hour period. Our Windmills start to turn in a 3mph / 1ms breeze and start to make power in a 5mph / 2ms breeze, making it possible to create power virtually all day and night around the world.

Our Wind Turbine is called the Spiritâ„¢ and has four (4) strong Aluminum Wind Blades for more efficiency and greater torque providing whisper quiet operation at all wind speeds. This makes the Spirit wind generator a real LOW wind leader in LESS than ideal wind conditions such as your own backyard.

Our wind powered generators give you a faster payback on your wind investment, usually within 5 years, because we are able to start creating usable power in a 3mph / 1.3ms wind.

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We are your renewable energy resource for a Clean Energy Revolution. WECo can help you reduce air pollution so we all can breath easier. Your purchase of our Spirit Wind Generator qualifies you as a member* of the WECo family, Let us you make Power to help control your own energy costs.

*As a member you will be given a (free) WECo T-shirt proudly saying on the front: I produce my own ELECTRICITY! Also you will be rewarded $100 for each new referral that purchases a Spirit Wind Generator. Plus you will get $50 for a sharp quality picture and a 50 word testimony of your installation.

The Spirit windmill has been through rigorous Research, Development, Testing and Design Improvements over the last ten years, all without any outside funding. The whole purpose of our windmill is to provide a means so most everyone can produce their own clean electricity in their own backyard, as the Lord has provided a minimum 3mph / 1ms to 10mph / 4ms wind around the world virtually 24 hours, 365 days a year.